About Our Farm

At Hidden Stream Farm, we believe healthy animals make healthy people. On our family farm, we produce chicken, beef, and pork with no chemicals or antibiotics. These animals are raised using a grass-based and deep bedded system, which not only creates happy, healthy animals, but also allows us to farm in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Our Mission

To provide clean, healthy food to a growing, environmentally conscious population who are making thoughtful decisions about the food they buy.

Our Farm's Location

We are located in Elgin, MN right near Rochester, MN and not far from the bluffs of the Mississippi River or the famous Whitewater State Park. We raise our animals using a grass-based deep bedded system. This allows us to farm local meats in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way. It allows us to produce a product antibiotic free and without hormones. We are proud producers of happy, local chicken, beef, and pork.

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Home Delivery

We offer home delivery and shipping of all your favorite farm products right to your door. Free shipping on orders over $99!

Located in Minnesota

Our farm is located in Elgin Minnesota, right outside of Rochester and near Cannon Falls, Minneapolis and St. Paul. We deliver along highway 52 and offer shipping nationwide

Farm Fresh Food You'll Love

We may be biased but we believe we the best steaks, bacon, pork chops and more! All of our product is raised sustainably and with the utmost care because we know healthy meat makes healthy people.

Healthy Animals

By moving the cattle (beef) and chickens to fresh pasture every day or two all summer, we are able to maintain healthy animals and rich, productive land. Fresh pasture and clean air eliminate the need to use antibiotics or hormones. Our ability to provide consumers with natural, fresh food free from antibiotics and raised with non-GMO feeds is a key differentiator from larger farms that require hormones to speed-up animals' growth.

Flavorful Meat

We are admittedly biased but we believe we produce the best tasting meat! Once you have had meat from animals raised on pasture, You'll that they produce more flavorful and leaner meat than you will find in most grocery stores.

Healthy People

Grass raised animals produce meat that is healthier for you, the consumer. Sun and grass produces plentiful amounts of healthy substances such as Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Conjugated Lineolic Acids (CLAs). Omega 3 Fatty Acids and CLAs may help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and certain other debilitating diseases. To find out more about the benefits of grass-fed animals, visit www.eatwild.com.

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