Making Your Farm Work For You

Making Your Farm Work For You

A Consulting Service For Beginning Farmers

  • Whole Farm Planning
  • Sustainable Livestock Programs
  • Marketing Your Products
  • Record Keeping

Eric Klein is President of Hidden Stream Farm, LLC a grass-based farm specializing in direct marketing and rotational grazing in Southeastern Minnesota.

During his 13 years in agriculture, Eric has developed a wide range of knowledge and real life experiences. He has worked in a variety of different facets starting out on a small family farm and then after college, working with a large farm/feed lot operation in South Dakota. Upon returning to the small family sized farm, Eric has been able to fine-tune his experiences to be able to offer consulting in a variety of different applications. He and his wife Lisa, own and operate Hidden Stream Farm, a 180 acre farm which direct markets beef, pork and chicken to consumers as well as high-end restaurants in a variety of states across the country.

Eric has spoken at seminars on farm financial planning as well as conferences devoted to helping beginning farmers achieve their goals of farming full-time. He has counseled several beginning farmers through a mentorship program designed to teach them overall livestock management, effective cash flow analysis and record keeping skills.

While farmers may work with Fin-Pak software, Eric's method of consulting allows for out of the box thinking on a more sustainable approach to agriculture. He personally takes each client through the steps necessary to see if a specific enterprise will prove to be financially profitable and what steps are required to get the best price possible for that particular enterprise.

Areas of Consulting Services

Whole Farm Planning

  • Enterprise Analysis
  • Evaluation of Individual Enterprise
  • Whole Farm Potential
  • What Is Best For My Farm?

Sustainable Livestock Programs

  • Getting Started
  • Developing A Grazing Plan
  • Animal Genetics
  • Feed Nutrition
  • Watering Systems
  • Maintaining Year-round Grass Fed Livestock


  • How To Get Started Direct Marketing Your Product
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Identifying Production Costs
  • Direct vs. Niche vs. Commodity Marketing

Record Keeping

  • Getting Started With Quickbooks
  • Using Quickbooks To Its Potential
  • Tracking Expenses

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Eric D. Klein
27079 County Rd. 25, Elgin, MN 55932
Phone/Fax: 507-876-2304
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