Spring is coming soon

March 31, 2022

Hello from Hidden Stream Farm.


It seems like spring is trying to make an entrance. At this point we finally have robins in the yard. Going by the old rule of thumb… “Three Snows on a Robins Back” before spring can finally arrive. I know that we have had one for sure and another probably as you are reading this email. The Doves are cooing as I write this and all signs point to spring.

Our biggest sign of spring and summer is the first group of baby chicks. They will arrive on Thursday April 14th.  This is always a great time of new life as we get busy with caring for 1000 baby chicks. We have local poultry processing again this year and will hopefully be able to offer fresh chicken again to our weekly customers. Soon we will be able to move the egg layers out to pasture and the cattle will be back to rotational grazing.

As the farm wakes up from its winter rest we also start thinking about the garden and the farm. We are proud that this year all our crops will be 100% certified organic. We really like knowing that we don’t use any chemicals and work towards building healthy soils and improve the ecosystem around us with regenerative farming practices.

Now that it warms up we can also find time to take walks and enjoy the changes. Visit our website and look at the snack section. There are great treats to take with you and share.

Thank you for your continued support

Eric and Lisa and Kids.


Eric Klein
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