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Our Partners

Meet our food & farming friends!

These are farms and businesses that we partner with to offer you a wider selection of delicious foods.

We hold the same standards and are building the local economy together!

  • Carlson Roasting Co.

    Carlson Roasting Co.

    Carlson Roasting Company is passionate about quality hand crafted coffee. We buy Fair Trade and Organic coffees from around the world and we roast them in small batches with attention to detail that brings out the potential of each batch. We are always searching for great beans to turn into your cup of coffee. Coffee is a crop and changes in quality over time, so what we offer will change over time as quality form each origin and farm changes with each harvest.

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  • Fairview Farm

    Fairview Farm

    Fairview Farm grows and sells fresh organically grown produce year round, on their farm or at farmer's markets.

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  • Ferndale Market

    Ferndale Market

    Ferndale Market in Cannon Falls, MN lets turkeys grow naturally, without the use of antibiotics or artificial growth promoters. During the temperate months, they are rotated on fresh pasture so they have access to clean air and fresh grass. We don’t think there’s any substitute for excellent care and husbandry and we take pride in creating an environment that maintains turkey health without medications.

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  • Lambalot Acres

    Lambalot Acres

    Lambalot Acres is a third generation family farm in Eau Claire County, Wisconsin. We sell antibiotic and hormone free lamb, pork, beef, chicken and wool all year around.

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