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Our Farming Practices

Clean. Local. With Lots of Love.

From Minnesota or Wisconsin

Feed Grown on Our Farm (as much as possible)


No Drugs or Antibiotics

No Hormones or Steroids

No Sneaky Additives

Grass Fed Beef

Our beef cattle live outdoors year round. They eat a natural diet of 100% grass, never receiving any grain in their entire life. They eat fresh biodiverse pastures in the warmer months and dry pasture in the colder months. They have plenty of room to explore and exercise.

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Our pigs live in spacious, deep straw bedded hoop houses. This allows them to follow their natural tendencies for rooting in the dirt, making mud puddles if they wish, or burying themselves in straw to stay warm in the cold winter months. They are fed a feed that contains non-GMO grains, soybean meal, and minerals.

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We raise broiler chickens in the warmer months. They live on pasture in big portable pens, which protect them from predators. They are moved daily to fresh pasture. In addition to the bugs and seeds and legumes they forage, they are given a feed that contains non-GMO grains, soybean meal, and minerals.

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Our laying hens are pasture raised in the warmer months. They are let out of the mobile coop in the morning to run and play and forage. Then, when the sun goes down, they are put back in, well protected from predators. In the colder months, their mobile houses move indoors into a giant hoop structure that protects them from the elements. They are fed a feed that consists of non-GMO grains, soybean meal, and minerals.

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Our Farming Protocols

The nitty gritty details of each standard, which applies to different animals and products.

  • 100% Grass Fed

    Our beef cattle are never fed any grain products during their lifetime. 100% grass fed means that the cattle only receive a forage based diet consisting of lush pastures in the warm months and high quality stored forages in the winter months.

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  • Chemical Free

    These products are grown without the use of synthetic chemicals.
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  • GMO Free

    We do not use any GMO grains or fish or animal by-products in our feed.
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  • Grain Fed

    Our non-ruminant animals are fed a high quality blend of non-GMO grains (including corn and rye) and minerals with no animal by-products. We try to grow as much of the feed as possible on our farm.
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  • Minnesota Grown

    These products are 100% grown in Minnesota.
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  • No Drugs or Antibiotics

    Our animals are raised as naturally as possible. We do not use any drugs or antibiotics. 99.9% of the time, they aren’t needed when animals are naturally healthy. In the rare case an animal does fall ill and natural treatment does not work, that animal would not be used for food.
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  • No Hormones or Steroids

    Instead of using hormones or steroids, we give our animals the time they need to grow.
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  • Pasture Raised

    Our animals live outdoors year round. The cattle, chickens, and lamb have plenty of room to roam on pasture, green in the warmer months and dry in the colder months. Our chickens have access to mobile coops, protected from predators, and are moved to fresh pasture daily.

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  • Raised in Deep Bedded Hoop Houses

    Our pigs are given plenty of room to run and play and root in deep bedded hoop houses. Deep bedded means that the pigs have plenty of straw and corn stalks to play, run and make a nest.
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  • Soy Free

    A soy allergy can make it challenging to prepare a healthy meal. These products do NOT contain soy as an ingredient AND the animals used to make the products are NOT fed soy.
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  • Synthetic Additives & Nitrate/Nitrite Free

    Our all-natural processing ensures there are no added nitrates or nitrites to the meats you will consume. All our processed products contain no MSG.
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  • Vegetarian Fed

    Our cattle are fed grass and only grass. Our pigs, lamb, chickens, and turkeys are fed a feed that contains only plants, with no animal byproducts.
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