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All Natural Cottage Bacon, Uncured

All Natural Cottage Bacon, Uncured


The Perfect shape for BLT's

All-natural cottage bacon is a flavorful and wholesome twist on traditional bacon. Crafted from lean cuts of high-quality pork, it is carefully cured with natural ingredients and sliced into circular or oval shapes. This bacon stands out for its commitment to using minimally processed, all-natural ingredients without artificial additives or nitrites. When cooked, cottage bacon offers a perfect balance of meaty texture and crispness, releasing a mouthwatering aroma.

Our All-Natural Cottage bacon is cut from the should of the pig

Pkg Size 1 lb.

We love to use our cottage bacon for breakfast sandwiches and Bacon cheeseburgers specifically. The round cut makes it much easier to fit on top. While cooking up and tasting amazing just like our regular Hidden Stream Farm bacon.

 The nitrates used to cure our bacon comes from carrots, celery. 

Our pigs live in spacious, deep straw bedded hoop houses. This allows them to follow their natural tendencies for rooting in the dirt, making mud puddles if they wish, or burying themselves in straw to stay warm in the cold winter months. They are fed a feed that contains non-GMO grains, soybean meal, and minerals.



Pork, Untreated Salt, Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Organic Brown Sugar, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Clove, Celery Powder, Sea Salt, Silicon Dioxide, Cherry Powder