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Grass Fed All Natural Snack Sticks

Grass Fed All Natural Snack Sticks

5 - 1 .oz sticks

Great for on-the-go!

Introducing our All Natural Grass-fed Beef Stick—a timeless treat that captures the essence of classic flavors. Crafted with care, this beef stick brings you the nostalgic taste of yesteryear. Made from high-quality beef, it offers a robust and savory experience that meat lovers adore. Infused with traditional spices, this snack provides a delightful burst of flavor with every bite. Whether you're on the go, need a protein boost, or simply crave a satisfying snack, our Old Fashioned Beef Stick is the perfect companion. Savor the rich taste and relish in the timeless charm of this classic treat.

Our Beef Sticks are a great treat all year long. They are a tasty and healthy snack for the whole family! These can't be beat; especially with a busy on-the-go lifestyle. This is especially great to send your kids with, to their sports games. 

Package Size: 5 - 1 .oz sticks

Our beef cattle live outdoors year round. They eat a natural diet of 100% grass, never receiving any grain in their entire life. They eat fresh biodiverse pastures in the warmer months and dry pasture in the colder months. They have plenty of room to explore and exercise.



Beef, water, sea salt, spices (including red and black pepper, celery), sugar, cherry juice powder (contains organic cane sugar [evaporated cane juice powder]), dehydrated garlic, celery juice powder. Incased in a collagen casing.