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Hamburger Patties Grass Fed

Hamburger Patties Grass Fed

1lb - 4/pkg

Don't have time to make your own Hamburgers

Our hamburger patties are 100% grass-fed beef. Pre-formed and packaged, 4 patties per package, pick out how many you need, and save the rest for another day. 

Throw them on the grill, in a frying pan or broil them in the oven it's hard to go wrong with so many options on how to cook it.

Expert Tip: Running short on time even if your hamburger patties aren't completely thawed out you can still throw them on the grill.

Pkg size: 1 lb, 4 quarter pound hamburger patties

Our beef cattle live outdoors year-round. They eat a natural diet of 100% grass, never receiving any grain in their entire life. They eat fresh biodiverse pastures in the warmer months and dry pastures in the colder months. They have plenty of room to explore and exercise.