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Raised in Deep Bedded Hoop Houses

Our pigs are given plenty of room to run and play and root in deep bedded hoop houses. Deep bedded means that the pigs have plenty of straw and corn stalks to play, run and make a nest.

Bone-In Half Ham

avg. size 6-8lb

Bone-In Ham Roast

avg. size 4-5lb

Bone-In Whole Ham

avg. size 15lb

Boneless Pork Chops

avg. size .8lb - 2/pkg

Breakfast Bundle

avg. size 3lb

Country Style Ribs

avg. size 1.25lb - 2/pkg

Fresh Pork Belly, whole

avg. size 8-10lb

Ground Pork Fat

avg. size 5lb

Half Hog

avg. size 70lb

Ham Steak - Uncured

avg. 1.5lb - 1/pkg

Iowa Cut Bone-In Pork Chops

avg. size 2.75lb - 2/pkg