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No Drugs or Antibiotics

Our animals are raised as naturally as possible. We do not use any drugs or antibiotics. 99.9% of the time, they aren’t needed when animals are naturally healthy. In the rare case an animal does fall ill and natural treatment does not work, that animal would not be used for food.

1 lb Chicken Breast

avg. size 1 lb/pkg

10 pkg Chicken Breast

avg. size .8 lb/pkg

10-12 lb Bone in Ham

avg. size 11 lb

12-14 lb Bone In Ham

avg. size 13 lb

2-3lb Brisket

avg. size 2.5lb

2.5-3 lb Whole Chicken

avg. size 2.75lb

3-3.5lb, Whole Chicken

avg. size 3-3.5lb - 1/pkg

3.5-4.5lb Brisket

avg. size 3.5lb

3.5-4.5lb, Whole Chicken

avg. size 3.5-4.5lb - 1/pkg

4.5-5lb, Whole Chicken

avg. size 4.5-5lb - 1/pkg