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No Hormones or Steroids

Instead of using hormones or steroids, we give our animals the time they need to grow.

1 lb Chicken Breast

avg. size 1 lb/pkg

10 pkg Chicken Breast

avg. size .8 lb/pkg

10-12 lb Bone in Ham

avg. size 11 lb

12-14 lb Bone In Ham

avg. size 13 lb

2-3lb Brisket

avg. size 2.5lb

2.5-3 lb Whole Chicken

avg. size 2.75lb

3-3.5lb, Whole Chicken

avg. size 3-3.5lb - 1/pkg

3.5-4.5lb Brisket

avg. size 3.5lb

3.5-4.5lb, Whole Chicken

avg. size 3.5-4.5lb - 1/pkg

4.5-5lb, Whole Chicken

avg. size 4.5-5lb - 1/pkg