Pasture Raised

Our animals live outdoors year round. The cattle, chickens, and lamb have plenty of room to roam on pasture, green in the warmer months and dry in the colder months. Our chickens have access to mobile coops, protected from predators, and are moved to fresh pasture daily.

3-3.5lb, Whole Chicken

avg. 3-3.5lb - 1/pkg

3.5-4.5lb, Whole Chicken

avg. 3.5-4.5lb - 1/pkg

4.5-5lb, Whole Chicken

avg. 4.5-5lb - 1/pkg

5-6lb, Whole Chicken

avg. 5-6lb - 1/pkg

6-7lb, Whole Chicken

avg. 6-7lb - 1/pkg

Chicken Breast

avg. 1.25lb - 2/pkg

Chicken Hearts

avg. 1.25 lb

Chicken Legs

avg. 1.5-2lb - 4/pkg

Chicken Thighs

avg. 1.75lb - 4/pkg

Chicken Wings

avg. 2lb - 8/pkg