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Grain Fed

Our non-ruminant animals are fed a high quality blend of non-GMO grains (including corn and rye) and minerals with no animal by-products. We try to grow as much of the feed as possible on our farm.

Andouille Sausage Links , All Natural

4 - 4 .oz brats. 1 lb package

Baby Back Ribs

avg. size 1.75 lb - 1/pkg

Bone-In Half Ham

avg. size 6-8lb

Bone-In Ham Roast

avg. size 4-5lb

Bone-In Whole Ham

avg. size 15lb

Boneless Pork Chops

avg. size .8lb - 2/pkg

Breakfast Bundle

avg. size 3lb

Chicken Breast

avg. size 1.25lb/pkg

Chicken Hearts

avg. size 1.25 lb

Chicken Legs

avg. size 1-1.25 lb - 4/pkg

Chicken Liver

avg. size 1lb

Chicken Thighs

avg. size 1lb - 4/pkg

Chicken Wings

avg. size 1.5 lb - 8/pkg